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Exclusively for Recent Female Graduates &

College Seniors...

Join us for CAREER CATAPULT SYSTEM where you will walk away with...

The Clarity, Proven Steps and Confidence to Secure the Fulfilling Job You Crave and Earn the Salary You Deserve. 

Limited Spots Available!

Anxious about post-grad job hunting OR are you struggling in today's tough job market, yearning for a simpler path to your dream job?

No more confusion, stress or overwhelming steps -
Just clear, actionable strategies to get multiple interviews, obtain job offers and master salary negotiations in just 6-weeks, so you can secure the income that reflects your value.

Limited Spots Available.

Here's what you'll discover in the
Career Catapult System...

Essential steps for job search success to fast-track your way to your dream job even in today's competitive market.

How to unleash your potential and gain a competitive edge in your dream job market by tapping into your existing skills and experience.

Expert guidance to create a stand out resume that maximizes your ability to outsmart applicant tracking systems and get noticed by recruiters.

Strategies that really work to confidently grow your professional network, opening doors to hidden opportunities and success.

Exclusive recruiter insights to excel in interviews and secure job offers with confidence.

Unlock the key to negotiating your salary and secure the compensation you truly deserve.

Free yourself from self-doubt that may be keeping you from going after your dream job.

How to feel more relaxed and self-assured about your job search journey.


Thru Live Group Video Sessions, Personalized Templates & Blueprints, Immersive Interview Preparation and Empowering 1:1 Coaching Sessions,
In just 6-weeks, you will be equipped with the tools and expertise to secure your dream job.

Limited Spots Available.

Success Story

"I'm now building my own business and attracting investors..." - Samantha L.

When it came to my work-life, I was overcome with anxiety and self-sabotaging thoughts that really held me back. I was weighed down by worry and self-doubt about where my life was going, constantly self-critical about whether I was doing enough to make my dreams happen.


As a result of my experience in Susan's program, I now wake-up feeling more energized and excited for the day.  And I no longer have the worries that once weighed so heavily on me. With this greater sense of freedom, I'm now building my own business, attracting investors and new opportunities in my life that really excite me!    

"I was able to gain clarity on what steps to take to move my career in the direction I had imagined... " - Rachel M.


Before working with Susan, I couldn’t get my career off the ground.  I found myself in one unfulfilling job after another, knowing that I wasn’t using all of my skills.  I realized I my self-doubt, lack of confidence was keeping me from the type of career I dreamed of.


During my remarkably short time working with her, I was able to release so much emotional weight and insecurities.  I was able to gain clarity on what steps to take to move my career in the direction I had imagined and how to tap into my inner strength.


It's unbelievable how you can actually experience a fundamental shift in your beliefs and mindset that so positively supports your decisions, direction and life experience.  I would recommend working with Susan to everyone!

What you get in the
Career Catapult System...

6 x 90-minutes Online Live Group Sessions
Transformative Video Series for Career Success
2 Personal 1:1 Coaching Sessions
12+ Customized Templates & Blueprints
Individualized Job Search Plan

Unlimited Support Between Sessions
Nurturing Group Environment

Career Accelerator 1.jpg

Join by March 11th and get Special Bonuses worth $350 for FREE:
Additional Bonus 1:1 Coaching Session.                                             ($250 Value)       
athfinding Companion Blueprint:  
Discover Your Ideal Career                  ($50 Value)
LinkedIn Networking Mastery:  Relationship Building Messages that Work    ($50 Value)

Let's Chat!

If you're thinking about joining Career Catapult, book a FREE 'Fast-Track My Dream Job' session today. We're here to support your career goals, and during this session, we'll provide you with personalized next steps to kickstart your career journey in the right direction, including whether Career Catapult is the right fit for you. Even if you believe the program isn't the perfect fit for your specific goals, you'll still gain valuable tools and strategies in your FREE session to boost your job search momentum and secure offers for your dream roles. Absolutely no obligations involved.

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Meet Your Expert Coach & Guides

Susan Uramoto
Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Coach & Founder of Beliefs Transformed

Hello, I'm thrilled to connect with you! With 28 years of corporate business experience and a strong executive leadership background, I've had my fair share of navigating the ins and outs of the professional world. But here's where things get interesting: I'm also a Board-Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner and a Certified Emotional Wellness Coach.

I'm combining these realms together with a team of experts. A professional resume writer, job search strategist and professional recruiter with over 25-years combined experience.


Our approach is all about combining the "outer game" - you know, practical stuff like insider strategies to resume building, interview skills, and powerfully presenting yourself to employers - with the often overlooked "inner game", which focuses on boosting your confidence, mindset and self-belief.


So, if you're ready to pursue your dream role, stand out and get noticed amongst the sea of candidates, and negotiate the salary you deserve, let's team up to make your career aspirations a reality!

With great appreciation, 


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