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Launch Your Career with Confidence

Get Over Your Fear and

Go After Your Dream.

Presented by Susan Uramoto,
Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Founder of Beliefs Transformed

After overcoming her own struggle with debilitating anxiety, Susan leveraged her new found confidence and left a 28-year career in corporate to become a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Wellness Coach.


In 2019, she founded Beliefs Transformed and specializes in empowering women by equipping them with the tools and knowledge to overcome anxiety, bring peace to their minds, and rediscover their inner-strength and self-confidence that allows them to pursue their aspirations without fear.

With the right tools, guidance and support you can stop feeling anxious, uncertain or confused and start feeling focused, energized and confident to pursue the career you want.


What clients say...

For years I was overcome with anxiety and self-sabotaging thoughts that really held me back in life. I was weighed down by worry and self-doubt about where my life was going.  I was constantly self-critical about whether I was doing enough to make my dreams happen.

As a result of my experience in Susan's program, I now wake-up feeling more energized and excited for the day.  And I no longer have the worries that once weighed so heavily on me.  With this greater sense of freedom, I'm now attracting new opportunities in my life that really excite me!    

- Samantha L.

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