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Free Yourself from Worry, Anxiety & Self-Doubt

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Worry Less & Reclaim Confidence

If you want to learn simple strategies and methods to start you on your journey of feeling more relaxed, balanced and at ease with life then this is for you. Susan will support you in getting clarity on your biggest challenge as it relates to stress or anxiety, plus provide you with scientifically proven ways that can help you feel better right away.

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Career Catapult System

Free yourself from a stressful, overwhelming and defeating job search. INSTEAD, in just 6-weeks learn proven strategies and actionable steps from the experts who know how you can stand out from other candidates, get multiple interviews, receive offers and negotiate the salary you deserve.

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PSYCH-K® is a belief change modality that combines elements of psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and applied kinesiology to help you replace limiting beliefs with supportive beliefs in your subconscious mind.  It's a form of super learning. The result is high-speed change.​ 


Break Free from Overwhelm: Empower Yourself with Confidence and Clarity!

Does the overwhelm of the pressure to fit in with your peers, meet your parents' expectations, or take those crucial steps towards your dream career after graduation seem like an insurmountable challenge, standing in the way of the future you've always dreamed of?

Do you ever get caught in a cycle of self-doubt and worrisome thoughts about what lies ahead?

Maybe you just feel stuck and exhausted, unable to do things you want with confidence.

If you can relate and want simple steps to feel calmer and more confident,

We Can Show You How!

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What Would This Mean To You?

Learn natural ways of reducing anxiety in virtually any situation.
Learn how you can increase your confidence and feel more at peace in your life.
Tailored strategies to help you navigate your emotions with greater ease.


Are you a Female College Student or Recent Grad who struggles with stress, self-doubt or anxiety? 
Then you're in the right place.  
We specialize in supporting you in calming anxiety or managing stress AND RECLAIMING YOUR CONFIDENCE.

Hi, my name is Susan.

Let's work together to turn your anxiety and worries into the stepping stones for pursuing the vibrant and confident life you not only dream of but truly deserve and have the potential to achieve.

My own journey towards transformation began when I decided to make the commitment to take charge of my life, learning to manage anxiety and conquer the self-doubt that had held me back for years. This transformation led me to leave a 28-year corporate career and establish
Beliefs Transformed LLC in 2019.

I believe that, just as I did, you can elevate your emotional resilience and regain your confidence. Our mission is to share what I wish I knew in my 20s - the ability to transform stress and anxiety naturally, becoming emotionally resilient and confident using simple strategies.

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Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, 

Certified Wellness Coach & PSYCH-K®  Facilitator


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PSYCH-K® Video Resources

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Our expertise and passion is in empowering young women in their transition to adulthood - whether from high school to college or into their careers, so you can fearlessly pursue your dreams, knowing your potential is limitless.

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