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Free Yourself from Stress or Anxiety

Are you feeling overwhelmed with balancing classes, relationships and work?

Does the anxiety of trying to figure out how to fit in with your peers or meeting your parent's expectations feel like a weight, holding you back?

Is there a loop of negative thoughts or worry playing in your mind about your future?

Or maybe you just feel stuck and exhausted, unable to do things you want with confidence.

If you can relate and want to feel calmer and more confident

We Can Show You How

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What would this mean to you?


  • Learn natural ways of reducing anxiety in virtually any situation.

  • Learn how you can increase your confidence and feel more at peace in your life.

  • Discover an approach that's tailored to your specific needs, to effectively help you self-regulate your emotions.

Are you a Female College Student or Recent Grad who struggles with stress or anxiety? 
Then you're in the right place.  
We specialize in supporting you in calming anxiety or managing stress AND RECLAIMING YOUR CONFIDENCE.

Hi, my name is Susan.  Let's start transforming your anxiety and stress so you can feel better fast. 

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My own transformation started when I learned how to manage the anxiety and stress that over-shadowed my life for years AND inspired me to leave a 28-year career as a corporate executive to start Beliefs Transformed in 2019.

I believe everyone can increase their emotional resilience.  With a simple combination of things that worked for me and that I've organized into the 5-step program
Bounce Back  FROM ANYTHING, you can feel more confident and take on life's challenges with greater ease.

My intention is to pass on what I wish I learned in my 20's:  Transforming stress or anxiety in a natural way; becoming emotionally resilient can be learned in a few simple steps.
Learn how, in our program Bounce Back FROM ANYTHING.

I went from having constant fearful and self-limiting thoughts of worry that left me feeling exhausted and depleted, to feeling emotionally calmer and physically energized.  I trust and believe in myself now.  I pursue my goals in life and nurture my relationships with greater confidence.

I still experience anxiety and stress.  The difference is they no longer over-shadow my life.  I'm able to acknowledge and process my emotions, bounce back faster and move forward in positive ways.

I've been where you are. I can relate to what you may be experiencing and discovered the way to transform those feelings to become emotionally resilient.  As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP); a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP); and a trained, preferred facilitator in PSYCH-K®, I'll help you sort through your emotions and create a stronger mindset through a combination of these effective approaches.


I went to work with Susan to get help with fears that I knew were holding me back.  Because of fear of failure, I was struggling to pursue my goals.  Susan supported me and in a short time after working with her, I have now taken the steps that I’d once had an aversion to do.  I’m pursuing my goals.  I feel so productive.  She is very kind, talented and motivating!  I highly recommend her services!

– Shelly F.

Beliefs Transformed

Do you have questions or want to learn more about Holistic Wellness Coaching or

PSYCH-K®  ?  Visit our frequently asked questions and free video resources.

Can't find what you're looking for? Connect OR use our chat to get your questions answered.

Learn from Dr. Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams, M.A. (Founder of PSYCH-K®) the science behind PSYCH-K® and why it works in our video resources.

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Wondering what PSYCH-K®  is and what it can help

you with? Check out 


Find out more about more about how I can help you with your mental, emotional and physical health as a Certified Holistic Wellness Coaching.

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