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Ready to Transform
Anxiety or Stress?

Free yourself from feeling overwhelmed with classwork OR in jump-starting your career.​

Manage anxiety and stress in social situations OR in interviews by discovering practical approaches you can use anywhere.​

Increase your confidence and feel calmer as you figure out how to fit in with your peers OR compete with other job candidates.

Are You...

  • A female college student or recent grad who's weighed down by anxiety and stress about the next phase of your life in school or in launching your career.


  • Feeling consumed with worry about meeting the expectations of your parents, yourself or others.


  • Stuck and exhausted, unable to do the things you really want with confidence.

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Instead , You Can Be...

  • Able to reduce the intensity of anxiety and stress in virtually any situation.​

  • Getting your energy back and feeling more relaxed.​

  • Bouncing back from upset and conquering life’s challenges with greater ease.​

  • Boosting your ability to feel confident in pursuing your goals.​

  • Able to feel more comfortable in socializing and connecting with others.


Bounce Back


A Holistic 5-Step Program to Keep Your Cool, Reclaim Your Confidence and Thrive

I know you have a lot on your plate.  Adding one more thing may feel overwhelming.

I've been there.  This is where I can help.  It doesn't have to take a lot of time or years to learn how to be emotionally resilient.

What would it mean to you to free yourself from anxiety or stress with just 5-Steps that only take a few minutes each day?

Hi, my name is Susan.

Since I was a teenager, I was plagued by thoughts of worry and self-doubt.  These thoughts created stress and anxiety that touched every part of my life.  School, work and relationships.


On the outside, I appeared confident and capable.  On the inside, I was overwhelmed and anxious with self-defeating beliefs.  I hit a turning point; the years of anxiety caused me to become physically ill.  After, I was determined to learn how to better manage my emotions.


I learned and tried different approaches over many years. I ultimately discovered the key to better manage and overcome anxiety and stress instead of just accepting it as a part of life.

In the end, it wasn’t one “silver bullet”.  Rather with a simple combination of things that I could do on my own, I went from having constant fearful and self-limiting thoughts that created anxiety making me feel exhausted and physically depleted, to feeling emotionally balanced and energized.  ​

I figured it out.  I trust and believe in myself now.  I pursue my goals in life and nurture my relationships with greater confidence.  When I experience emotional challenges, I'm able to bounce back faster and move forward.

Through these 5-steps and your commitment, while I support you the entire way, you can feel calmer, more confident and take on life’s challenges with greater ease. 


Working with Susan has helped me realize my ability to be more balanced in my life.  It's helped to reduce my level of stress. I'm realizing my ability to pause and slow down; there's a power in that.  Susan is able to relate to the things that I'm dealing with; she's lived these experiences, which lends relevancy to her program. I think this program can benefit anyone, but particularly for people juggling many things in their lives that's causing them stress.  It can help them be balanced and mentally healthier.   -   T.C.

Take a closer look at the steps

The program kicks off with a 1-hour Get Started, Feel Better Faster session where we’ll:

  • Get clear on your biggest challenge with stress and anxiety and


  • Identify what you’d like to achieve most from the program.


  • Discover simple ways for you to start feeling better that you can put into practice right away and fits perfectly into your busy class and work schedule.


  • Start building your personal Stress Survival Kit and begin using what you learn in your daily life, start feeling better from day one.

From there, you'll receive 3-personal coaching sessions per month in this 3-month program.  With my support, you'll overcome any challenges or roadblocks you may encounter along the way, plus continue creating your personal Stress Survival Kit.


Deepen your inner awareness so you can be in the powerful position of choosing THE RIGHT method for you to manage your emotions, so you can tackle your exams or job interviews with greater emotional ease.


Have you ever experienced stress or anxiety where, by the time you noticed it, it was already at an intense level and even more difficult to cope with?  


You can get ahead of it by honing your inner awareness skills, which will enable you to be in tune with your emotions, stress and anxiety level.  It also helps you understand your learning style preference.  Why does this matter?  


Because some tools work better than others to help you cope depending on the intensity level of your emotions AND depending on your preferred style.


Get the Awaken Inner Awareness Blueprint, a practical road map to help you on your journey of tuning into your inner awareness.


Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about meeting the expectations of your parents or perhaps the expectations you have of yourself?  


Whether you’re struggling with social anxiety, test anxiety or general anxiety, you’ll get a better handle on managing AND processing your emotions that actually work for you.

Did you know suppressing your emotions or ignoring your feelings and just "powering through" can actually be harmful for your well-being, both physically and psychologically?

A better way = Slow down the intensity level of anxiety and stress so you can process your emotions in healthy ways.  There are several simple and fast methods you can use virtually anywhere to Tame the Chaos of your emotions 


Our Tame the Chaos Guide is a bonus reference that’s packed with an abundance of stress and anxiety management methods.


Discover the BEST way to increase your confidence and boost your self-esteem.


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, frustrated or completely stuck?   Would you rather feel more relaxed and confident as you pursue your goals in life?


We all interpret our experiences, events and relationships through a filter that’s based on our belief system. The results are our perceptions about what's happening to us and around us. 


Learn the secrets to change the conscious beliefs that are holding you back.


Shifting your perception and looking at things differently not only moves you forward but it also sets you on a path of resilience, feeling calmer and more confident. Because… 


"When you change the way, you look at things, everything you look at changes."  

- Max Planck

Get the Conscious Clarity Blueprint to guide you through ways to create the space for yourself to make the changes you want, along with effective methods to transform the beliefs that do not serve you.


Create a life-long habit of cultivating a healthier mindset, empowering you to bounce back from life’s challenges.


Discover THE formula for establishing healthy habits.  


Use the formula to create any healthy habit you want AND make your new ability to Bounce Back from Anything a greater way of being in your life.  After all, life will likely continue to present people and situations that may cause stress and anxiety to surface. 


You’ll receive The Mindset Maintenance Blueprint to kick-start your life-long resilience practice. Modify it as you desire to meet your changing needs with this supportive guide and road map. 


Remember: It’s about practice, not perfect.



Congratulations! By now, you’ve had a chance to put into practice everything you’ve learned and are likely feeling calmer and more in control of your emotions. 


Ready to BOOST your new ability to Bounce Back from Anything?  Replace subconscious beliefs that may be limiting you. 


The steps you've learned so far in this powerful process enables you to create emotional resilience using your conscious mind.  


However, did you know you have two minds? That’s right, your conscious mind and subconscious mind.

Your subconscious belief system establishes the limits of what you can achieve and how you experience life. The majority of these beliefs we accumulate from birth until we’re around 7-years old.  Some of these beliefs are powerfully supportive, while others are self-limiting and even self-sabotaging.


The good news is it’s possible to replace unsupportive beliefs with supportive beliefs in your subconscious mind.  There are a number of non-invasive modalities that help to do this. Here, we will introduce one of them: PSYCH-K®.

Here’s a summary of everything included in the 3-month program

  • 10 Sessions; a total of 10 Hours of Personal Coaching support and guidance. 

    • 1-hour, 1:1 "Get Started, Feel Better Faster" Session.

    • 8 x 1-hour Personal 1:1 Coaching Sessions.

    • 1-hour Post Program Completion Check-In & Support Session.​

  • Unlimited Support Between Sessions. ​

  • Practical Guides and Blueprints to Help Guide You as You Learn How to Keep Your Cool, Reclaim Your Confidence and Thrive.

  • ​The Stress Survival Kit Where You Put It Altogether​

PLUS, you receive additional support and guidance even AFTER you complete the program with​


Special access & materials​

  • The Bounce Back Handbook:  Receive this as our gift to you for completing the program.  It contains even MORE information and alternatives to help you transform your stress and anxiety. Including,

    • Additional mindfulness and self-awareness techniques to give you more options to discover the one that’s right for you as your practice grows. 

    • Prompts designed to help you process your emotions and create healthy self-esteem through journaling. 

    • Bonus techniques to transform anxiety when things feel like they are too much. 

    • What to eat to support a stress and anxiety free mind. 

    • How you can use music to improve your mood & focus.

  • ​Complimentary subscription to our newsletter where you’ll receive updated lists of resources to continue to cultivate your calm and our blog posts specifically created to help you leap over life’s hurdles through graduation and beyond.


Working with Susan has been eye opening for me. I’ve not only achieved my original goal of better managing my depression, but I’ve also gained so much more. I have so much more trust in myself, my intuition, and live more authentically. I’ve developed a deeper awareness of my emotional state. Now, I have so much more emotional and mental space to explore my interests, passions, and just simply enjoy life. 
She’s an attentive listener and always asks insightful questions. She’s a great resource not only for wellness, mindset changes, but also for career advice!   With her support, I’ve developed healthier strategies and a more balanced approach to taking care of myself.   - Veda S.
It’s challenging to put a value on the Bounce Back FROM ANYTHING program.  
What value would you put on freeing yourself from anxiety or stress and boosting your self-esteem and confidence?  Plus, the rewarding results of experiencing greater calm and ease, and no longer being afraid to pursue the dreams you really want to go for because you finally feel you can.
Because we're going through unprecedented times, I am drastically reducing the regular program enrollment price for a limited time where you can save over 40%. In the last seven years there's been 110% increase in anxiety in college students in the United States, and I am passionate about making a difference.  
Here are the regular program enrollment prices and what you can save right now:

10 x 1-Hour Coaching Sessions


Customized Stress Survival Kit


Customized Blueprints and Guides


The Bounce Back Handbook and Guide


Unlimited Support Between Sessions


Regular Enrollment:  $3450
Special Enrollment:  $1995

Save $1455

Special Enrollment Options

Payment Plan

3 Payments of $798

One-Time Payment


Are you ready to learn how to free yourself from anxiety or stress?  Ready to feel calmer and reclaim your confidence?

Ready to take a step forward, but want to learn more?  

Here’s what to do next -


Let’s schedule a consultation.  I'll answer your questions and get a better understanding of your challenges, along with what you’d like to achieve. It’s important to make sure the program and working with me is a good fit for you and meets your needs.

Can you imagine how life would be different for you if you felt calmer and more confident?  Feeling more at ease with the decisions you make or in pursuing what you want to do in life?  


For over 20 years, I spent so much time and energy worrying and procrastinating because of my anxiety and fears.   After all those years of wasted energy, once I finally figured out how to put it all together in a simple way, the amount of joy I experience is immeasurable. 


Life just started to flow.  I discovered a new confidence that led me to pursue goals that I had put on the backburner for years.


It doesn’t have to take you years to develop emotional resilience; to feel better.  You can start now.  I look forward to supporting you as you transform your anxiety and stress.


With great appreciation,


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