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PSYCH-K® Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our FAQs to learn more about the

What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is an energy psychology modality made up of a set of processes (known as Balances) that are a safe, easy and a non-invasive way to change subconscious beliefs. With over 30 years of proven effectiveness, the Balances are designed to create balanced communication between both hemispheres of the cerebrum.

Whole Brain State (or brain synchronization) is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious mind with new self enhancing beliefs that support your goals because the integration prevents over identifying with one hemisphere of the brain over the other.  Because PSYCH-K
® aligns the subconscious beliefs with your conscious desires and wisdom in this manner, it helps achieve high-speed change faster than traditional talk therapy or affirmations.

If you would like to learn more, you may want to watch the videos from the founder of 
®, Rob Williams M.A. or the author of Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton in the resource link below.

Why does PSYCH-K® work?

PSYCH-K® evolved from years of brain research and thousands of sessions with individuals and groups. It creates a receptive, Whole Brain State that dramatically reduces unwanted resistance to change in the subconscious mind.  In this state, the subconscious can be accessed in a way analogous to a personal computer. PSYCH-K® works as a kind of 'mental keyboard' - a user friendly method of communicating with the subconscious mind that is simple, direct, and verifiable.
Access our resources if you'd like to learn more.

How can PSYCH-K® help me?

Because subconscious beliefs establish the limits of what you can achieve and how you experience life, PSYCH-K® can help in virtually all aspects of life.  Self-esteem, stress & anxiety, career, relationships, prosperity & abundance, and health & body.  Any area you can think of or that you see you may be limiting yourself in.

Can PSYCH-K® cure health related issues?

It is important to know that PSYCH-K® is not a substitute for professional medical treatment, rather it is often a complement to it.

There is a scientifically, well-established biological interaction between the mind and the body.  That is where PSYCH-K
® may be of help to you.  In PSYCH-K® your condition is not addressed as a medical doctor would, using diagnosis and a treatment program. However, by using PSYCH-K®, you can change subconscious beliefs that may be influencing your health and well-being, both mentally and physically.  Sometimes a condition improves just by using PSYCH-K®.  To learn more, you may want to watch the video by Dr. Bruce Lipton, leading scientist on epigenetic and author of Biology of Belief, in the link below.

Am I guaranteed to get the specific result I want?  How quickly will I see a change? 

While it's not possible to guarantee a specific result, which depends largely on the individual and his or her condition, PSYCH-K® has a 30+ year history of helping people achieve a satisfying and joyful life, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. PSYCH-K® results in a Whole Brain State with every Balance.  The resulting Whole Brain State is an expansion beyond, or out of, previous limiting beliefs and programming allowing more options and potential to be available to manifest the desired experiences.

Significant and profound changes can take place quickly.  However, changes may take days or weeks to integrate.  Scientific research confirms that the brain continues to re-wire or create new neural-pathways hours, days, or weeks after the Balance.

Is PSYCH-K® scientifically validated?

Yes.  In addition to years of research in the field of what is usually referred to as split-brain research, which began in the 1950's, a contemporary study regarding PSYCH-K® specifically, was published in 2011.  

The study 
was conducted using contemporary, neuro-scientific protocols.  The point of the study was to determine if the Whole Brain Posture, used extensively in PSYCH-K
®, could in fact create the desired bi-lateral, symmetrical, brainwave pattern that is desired for changing subconscious beliefs.  In the fall of 2011, the results were published in three peer-reviewed journals, including the fields of neuroscience, psychotherapy, and business management. 

Click here to review the results of the study in any of the three publications.

Does PSYCH-K® need to be in person to be effective?

PSYCH-K® is equally effective whether in person, via phone or video conference.  The manner in which a private session occurs is really up to you.

How do I know if my subconscious beliefs are blocking me?

If you experience repeated patterns in your life that seem to be keeping you from achieving your goals or experiencing life as you desire even after making consistent conscious efforts OR discover you hesitate to take consistent action to move towards your desired experience, then this could be a sign that subconscious beliefs are getting in the way.

A key part of the 
® Balance process is to communicate with the subconscious to find out if a particular belief exists related to certain situations.

What if I'm not sure which belief is blocking me or the root cause of the problem?

When changing a belief at the subconscious level, becoming consciously aware of the cause of the problem is seldom necessary because the subconscious already knows exactly why a desired belief is blocked.  It knows what needs to be re-written.

What can I expect from a private session?

You will be supported the entire way during your session.  If this is your first time experiencing PSYCH-K® , I'll demonstrate each step of the process and guide you through. Check out this link that provides details of what support you will receive prior, during and after your session.

How is PSYCH-K® different from other self-help modalities?

PSYCH-K® differs from other modalities in a variety of ways.  While most change processes have value, there are important differences with 
Simple to use and highly effective - 
® Balance (change process) is simple, easy and creates evident and sustainable change in the desired area of your life.
Safe, non-invasive, self-empowering and self-affirming -        
® is a do with process based on your own inner wisdom. The process is designed to engage and activate the inner resources of your subconscious in partnership with the PSYCH-K® facilitator that a honors your responsibility and personal power in making the change you seek.

One important feature of all PSYCH-K
® processes is a Permission Protocol, which is a valuable tool that discerns whether problems are conscious or subconscious strategies for meeting important needs in your life; and therefore, should not be readily eliminated. Many other self-help techniques assume it's a good idea to "fix" a problem without consideration that the problem may be cleverly disguised as an opportunity to learn an important life lesson.
Multiple tools so you can choose the appropriate one -
Many self-help systems use one specific technique to address all problems.  The important feature in PSYCH-K
® is that it enables the subconscious mind to choose which Balance (change process) it prefers.  Because the subconscious mind makes the necessary belief and perceptual changes, it makes sense to let it choose the right Balance.
Many of these contrasts and more are addressed in the link The Differences That Make a Difference.

How long have you been involved with PSYCH-K®?

In 2019, I completed PSYCH-K® training in Basic, Advanced and Master processes and have been helping people make positive changes in their lives ever since.  I went on to complete my training in PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing Program in 2021and have since supported several people in healing from physical ailments.

You are welcome to learn more about my story in the link below or contact me.  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
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