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Life Scripting for Beginners - Part 1 of The Joyful Life Series

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Change your limiting beliefs. Change your life.

"Thoughts become things." as Bob Proctor so eloquently put it. "A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes." as Gandhi said it. The wise ones know this truth. I will add one thing: Your beliefs create your thoughts.

You may be consciously aware of this powerful fact or subconsciously aware of it. Either way, you too know this to be true because YOU are very wise.

Even as we know that our beliefs and thoughts create our life experience, we all have our moments where doubt, worry and fear get the best of us. We are human after all. So, given our humanness, how can we begin expanding the time in our day where we have a flow of satisfying and even uplifting ways of thinking?

In pursuit of understanding this for myself, I've discovered several practical and easy tools that thankfully, don't take a lot of time. Each week, it is my intention😉 to share a tool that hopefully you will find useful.

Scripting Your Life

I discovered 'Scripting' over thirteen years ago when I was living in Seattle, Washington. I was a single mom living in a beautiful city, but with no family or close friends nearby. I so wanted to move back to California to be near my family and the sunshine. The act of moving seemed daunting. I had a home that was underwater in the housing market; no job prospects in California; and a legal situation with my ex-husband that prevented me from leaving the state with our daughter.

I began scripting. Essentially, letting my thoughts flow from pen onto paper describing life in California. I wrote about times filled with laughter with my family, and even how the warmth of the sun felt on my skin. I described where we lived, including what the house and backyard looked like. I described how I felt there: calm, relaxed, and joyful.

Some days, I would go into detail (because they were in my mind) and spend 10-15 minutes. Other days, I would only write a sentence or two because I was too exhausted to do more than that. The point is, I did this every day. Within six months, my daughter and I moved to California. Within two years of that, I bought a house that was almost exactly like the one I had written about. Seriously, not kidding. All the barriers that existed were resolved. (I'm happy to share details of 'how' if you're interested. If so, please leave a note in the comments).

There are a few books, articles and even templates that you can find on creating a Life Script if you search the internet. There is no right or wrong way in my opinion. Here's what worked for me: when my thinking shifted, my emotions followed and then reality.

There are a few books, articles and even templates that you can find on creating a Life Script if you search the internet. There is no right or wrong way in my opinion. Here's what worked for me:

  1. Keep it Simple - I bought an inexpensive notebook to use. If I had an inspiring thought, but didn't have the notebook with me, I just wrote on a napkin (or whatever piece of paper was handy) and then folded it inside the notebook when I got home.

  2. Write in the Present Tense - I believe words are as powerful as thoughts. Use words that are in the present tense. Describe your life or desired experience as if it were happening right now.

  3. Allow it to Flow - Write down whatever desires come to mind. Don't worry about using the perfect words, spelling or grammar. It really doesn't matter. What matters is that you allow your dreams, desires, and creativity to spill out on the page as effortlessly as possible.

To help me get in the groove of doing this every day, I would schedule just ten minutes in my calendar and treat it like a meeting. (That's how my world operated back then.... many meetings). If I found myself staring at the page, writing nothing when the time came, I would reschedule for later in the day. Eventually, after a few weeks, I didn't need structured time because I just developed a desire to script.

The last tip: Really have fun with it. Crafting the life you love, IS fun.

If you have any questions about the process, please leave it in the comments. It's always amazing to connect with you.

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