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Anxiety or Bliss? You Can Free Your Mind

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Change your beliefs. Change your life.

Our perception of our life experiences are shaped by our beliefs. In fact, our beliefs actually determine our biological and behavioral reality (as reflected in the study of Epigenetics). They truly are the filters through which we see.

If you believe that life is an exciting adventure, where you're safe and supported, then you are more likely to live life to its fullest and feel joy while you do so.

On the other hand, if you acquired the beliefs that life is difficult or filled with danger, then you may be more likely to avoid trying new things, meeting new people, or approach life experiences with fear and anxiety.

Have you taken a close look at where your thoughts spend the most time? Do you find yourself spending more time worrying about future events, creating scary scenarios in your mind about things that haven't even occurred yet (and are also not likely to occur) or lamenting about past events that are long since over and can't be rectified? Consciously, you may be aware that many of these thoughts do not serve you. But still, your Subconscious limiting beliefs lead you to these same thoughts over and over again.

As an alternative, what if your beliefs created the feeling of ease, satisfaction and even joy in learning from past events. Cherishing them as valuable experiences that support your future. What if your beliefs created the sensation of excitement for the future, open and appreciative of whatever unfolds? And, what if your beliefs allowed you to welcome social interactions with others, precious opportunities to connect with another?

Just imagine what life would be like. You can free your mind. Simply and effectively.

Explore the method of PSYCH-K® through the link below or through a complimentary consultation.



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